Can You Escape?

Escape And Adventure Rooms

You have 60 minutes to find the clues, crack the codes, and solve the puzzles to escape. Can you SOLVE IT SHERLOCK?

The Egyptian Tomb

Secret of the ancient pharaoh

Howard Carter discovery of King Tut's tomb in 1922 went on to become one of the greatest archeological finds of the century and it's curse surrounding those involved legendary! But was there another tomb that he kept a secret? Is it too cursed? Can you escape, or will you become one of its lost secrets?

Where's Veronica?

A hollywood ledged

Hollywood's leading lady is missing! Where did she go? Is she even alive? You must solve the mystery of her fate.


is an escape room

An Escape Room is a fully immersive, interactive game, where a group of players race against the clock to decipher clues, crack codes, and solve puzzles in order to complete their task and "escape the room" in 60 minutes or less. Don't worry if you have never been to an escape room before. Prior to starting the game, your game master will be brief on your mission and be in contact with you throughout the game to give you clues if needed. Work together and verbalize what you see is the best way to achieve success.

There are several rooms to choose from ranging from 6-8 players for you to test your wits. Rooms are generally reserved in advance and if you don’t book all the tickets in your time slot, there’s a good chance someone else will book the remaining tickets and you will wind up making some new friends! Solve it Sherlock Escape Rooms are fun with friends, co-workers, and the whole family.


Plays Escape Games
Great for date night, bachlor and bachlorette parties, or birthdays. Just looking for a fun night out with some friends? Look no further! Transport yourselves in an adventure you won't ever forget. Test your witt and skills! See if you can beat the room's current records.
Tired of the movies? Looking for a fun night out where everyone is engaged? Book one of our escape rooms for a lasting memory that will entertain and excite everyone from the kids to grandma. Good clean fun for the whole family!
Looking for a fresh team building activity in NJ? Show them how much they are appreciated by booking a Solve It Sherlock Escape Room that will provide an unforgettable experience for your team to work together through their communication and problem solving skills to achieve a common goal and bond together as a team. Additional hours are available for corporate bookings.
Looking for some fun diversions while visiting the fabulous Jersey Shore? Stop by before the beach or after dinner. Not a beach day? Not a problem. We have your fun covered!


Can you play

We are open 5 days per week, Wednesday - Sunday. Please check our booking page for up to date room availability.

  • Monday - Closed
  • Tuesday - Closed
  • Wednesday - 4pm-10pm
  • Thursday - 4pm-10pm
  • Friday - 4pm-12pm
  • Saturday - 11am-12pm
  • Sunday - 11am-9pm

If you want to reserve a room to share a special announcement such as an engagement, new baby or a promotion, please call ahead and we can hide something in the room to add to the excitement!

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